Jul 27, 2015

City to Sea: A Day at Fort Tilden

Hello Lovelies!

I am currently sitting on my couch, letting aloe gel soak into my crispy skin. I know... I'm really terrible about applying sunscreen. Considering the day I had yesterday, however, my lobster limbs are more than worth it.

10:30am Saturday morning found me rushing around Union square picking up snacks and supplies from Trader Joe's and the farmer's market. One such item was a bottle of Red Jacket Strawberry Apple Juice, which believe me, is as good as it sounds.

Like I said, it was Saturday, and seeing as how the MTA is the supreme kill-joy of all weekend plans, we had to transfer and take a bus to get to the beach. Below is our route (the 4 to Franklin, the 2 to Flatbush, then the Q35 the rest of the way). It took approximately 1.5 hours, so we arrived shortly after noon and pitched camp.  

I've never really been to a non-Florida beach, so I was unaccustomed to the idea of a beach without trees or shade of some sort. That's really my only complaint... well that, and the fact that we didn't realize this was a topless beach. Quite the initial shocker, let me tell you. Moving right along...

The weather was lovely, and this beach affords wonderful waves for boogie boarding. We (my coworkers and I) enjoyed a nice picnic lunch before packing up and walking west in search of the more interesting portion of the beach (and the whole reason I came). The majority of this peninsula is home to an assortment of abandoned houses and military bunkers see HERE for historical background. Oh and before I forget, here is your weekly music recommendation, as I listened to it on repeat on the way to and from the beach. 

For most of these, the sand was piled up high enough to where we had to crouch to climb in to the front doors, but it was well worth it, as you can see. The decay of the buildings with the addition of artwork from visitors past gave the place an eerie feel. It was beautiful, all the same, and I'm disappointed that this is the only abandoned site I've been able to (legally) access since I've moved to the city. Amid the broken glass and rusty nails were cans of food, a book, shreds of blankets. I don't know who lives here, but they've got a pretty sweet get-up living by the beach... 

Jul 17, 2015

Urban Adventures: Upper East Side

Hello Lovelies,

As promised, this is the second half of my weekend adventure. After traipsing through the Met for the majority of the afternoon, I had a spare three hours before the evening service at Church. I began walking east towards the water, and soon ran into what appeared to be a gated park. Upon further inspection however, it turned out to be The Rockefeller University. This was my approximate route:

Correction: I crossed over to the water on 71st, not 70th

Not only had I never heard of this school, I was under the impression that Columbia was the only school in the city that possessed a traditional campus. This one was beautiful (from what I could see from outside the gates), and I invite any suggestions for getting on campus just to have a look around. This is what I could see from outside. It looks like a palace of sorts...

I walked around several times before I realized there was no easy/non-camera-monitored entry way, save for scaling a fence, which I was fully prepared to do if I wasn't in a skirt. So again, if you know of any *legal* way to tour the campus, let me know!

Jul 13, 2015

Soul (food) searching in Harlem

I hope you all had as lovely an Independence day weekend as I did... 

After two weeks of spending time with family and friends, I am finally back in the city, and it feels wonderful (maybe not the heat, but certainly being back). 

This past week I had the privilege of seeing the city with fresh eyes thanks to the visit of a friend of mine. Since I never really visit the touristy parts of town while I'm here, it's nice to have an excuse ;). 

Thus, Saturday night found me in the heart of Harlem, right off of Malcolm X Boulevard. We went with one place in mind, Sylvia's Restaurant, which was highly recommended by people who should know.
125th street station tile art

So before I describe the experience, just imagine this playing in the background... because I'm cheesy like that and it's totally what was playing in my head as soon as I got above ground. 

Are you listening to it? Ok.... 

Jul 4, 2015

A Night of Culture: The New York Philharmonic

Hello Lovelies,

So what is the logical response when your coworker invites you to a night of free live classical music in the world's most famous park? To grab your wine, strawberries, nutella, and a picnic blanket, of course!

Observe: One of several that I had pre-concert in the middle of the Great Lawn.
The meadow, as you can imagine, was packed. But we managed to squeeze our blanket in close to the stage, right next to one of the barriers or "cattle pen" as one of my sassier coworkers called it. We spread out our blankets, unpacked our dinner, uncorked the wine, and enjoyed the sounds of tuning instruments.

Jun 16, 2015

China Through the Looking Glass: A Met Expedition

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope your day, wherever you are, isn't as dreary and depressing as it is here in New York. You would hardly believe it was June, what with the ominous gray clouds.

Summer in the city has provided me with abundant time to pursue every whim with which I wake up on the weekends. Yesterday I had one such ambition so I found myself on the 4/5 at noon, headed to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, armed with my camera, and sketch book.

I had completely forgotten that the Met had their China Through the Looking Glass exhibit up. I had made  mental note to go sometime during the school year, but between finals and transitioning into my new job, it got put on the back burner. If you didn't already know, this is the exhibit that was introduced at this year's Met Gala, where Rihanna wore her show-stopping gown. I am VERY glad I got to go yesterday, because--let me tell you-- this exhibit is beyond description. I'm not one to frequent museums. Frankly, I rather spend my time outside and exploring on my own, but this.... Well you just need to see it for yourself. 

A striking first look had me instantly captivated.